I grabbed Katherine Holubitsky’s Tweaked at the library. I wanted a quick light read and thought that the slim tome from Orca books would fit the bill. I was wrong.  This White Pine 2010 contender is an amazing story about addiction and the destruction it wreaks to the families of those who are addicted.

Engagingly written from 17-year-old Gordie’s perspective, the voice is true and honest: at times angry, sad, or hopeful. At the beginning of Tweaked, Gordie’s brother, Chase, has been addict to methamphetamines for two years. During that time, Chase has made so many mistakes. But nothing prepares his family for the phone call they are about to receive: Chase has been picked up and charged with aggravated assault after smashing a bottle over a man’s head. By the end of the book, Gordie’s parents have lost everything and their family has lived through dealing with the law, trying and failing to help a loved one, theft, and fraud. His mother in denial and his father turning to drink, they are arguing all the time and the family falls apart. Gordie’s losses his job and is even failing out of school. I unhesitatingly recommend this book to everyone but especially to teens and teachers

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