Cruelest Month

The Cruelest Month is a Three Pines Mystery written by Louise Penny. They are all apparently set in the Canadian province of Quebec centering around a small Anglo-town called Three Pines and feature Chief of Homicide Detective Gamache.The characters were interesting and I would grab another Three Pines Mystery if I stumbled across one, but would not search one out.

It was a good mystery story, but it was not great. There were no ridiculous turn of events at the end; thereby, potentially could be figured out by the reader. I hate those twists. Isn’t the point of a mystery to try and figure it out yourself, but so many end the book with completely implausible twists that make the rest of the book a red herring. This book wasn’t one of those but Gamache did know more than reader did. I didn’t like info obviously being left out. Although, there was a nice back story included at the end.

On a technical note, there are snippets of untranslated French all the way through this book. I speak fluent French so it was not a hindrance for me. Actually, I didn’t even notice until I was watching or listening to something else(I don’t remember what) during the same time period that contained untranslated Spanish. and I was really annoyed by it. So if you don’t speak French and if having some of the text be incomprehensible would annoy you, I would give this one a by.

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